Our origins

CitySoft Consulting Group was formed in 2010 as a result of a merger between GPS-IT (A consulting firm specialising in delivery of Sage 300 and CRM services) and City Software Business Solutions (CSBS) – SAP Business One software and services.

CitySoft rapidly positioned itself as Sage ANZ’s No. 1 business partner (2014) and product champion for Sage X3 (No. 1 Sage X3 business partner for ANZ (2011-2014) as well as achieving the highest growth rate for ANZ for SAP Business One (2014).

Our business provides a range of consultative services to mid-sized enterprises around Sage X3, Sage CRM and a number of Business Intelligence and Reporting, people management and industry specific applications.

CFO Inovation Conference, Kuala Lumpur, October 2015

CitySoft in conjunction with Sage Asia attended the CFO Inovation conference in Luala Lumpur in October. Anthony Russo, Ian Hill, (CitySoft) and Keith Fenner Sage X3 International Chief Sales Officer, Sara Lua Vice-President, Sage X3 ASIA and Jeremy Waterman from Sage headed up the senior Sage X3 contingent at the conference with Keith Fenner a guest speaker on the technology and disruption panel.

CitySoft in Asia

In 2012, CitySoft opened their Singapore office to service the Asian market. Two factors motivated this expansion. The first was an increased need to support CitySoft’s clients operating in these markets.

The second reason was to capitalize on the Sage X3 team’s expertise and business opportunities in Asia. CitySoft has the goal of becoming the go to Sage X3 partner in the Southern Hemisphere.

Achieving this goal is made that much easier by the fact that much of CitySoft’s team already has deep roots and experience in Asia.

Sage X3 experts

The CitySoft business operates four core-consulting teams aligned to Sage products. We are regarded as a premier Sage solution provider, value-add reseller and systems integrator.

CitySoft today

In recent times, CitySoft (with their strategic partners) has added cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to the suite of services offered by CitySoft.

CitySoft has also formed a Business Intelligence and Reporting team operating across the various ERP, CRM and people management systems Citysoft service and support.