Do you need to communicate better with customers?

Getting your message out to customers and potential customers in a cluttered and competitive market place can be no small matter. Getting your message and timing right, simply adds a further layer of complexity to a challenging yet critical element of every businesses’ marketing and communications plan. Good customer communications retain customers, great communications generate sales and customer stickiness that important outcome marketers are seeking to achieve.

Communication needs do vary across industries, meaning a one CRM size fits all approach doesn’t apply. Whereas communications via social media work best for some industries, email marketing will work better for others, and with the pace with which business moves today, having the right tools and ability to execute your communications plan has never been more important.

CitySoft & Sage offer two CRM applications that share common communication and marketing capabilities, but which also contain unique capabilities that suit different industries and needs.

Having the right tools at your disposal to effectively and efficiently communicate with your target market, are now essential. The all in one Sage X3 system includes best of suite CRM which is best suited to companies who provide after sales service on equipment. Sage X3 CRM includes sales force automation capabilities including email, task, and appointment management plus mobility, and it supports communications against multiple people at a single company. Sage X3 CRM also provides deep business system integration for quote and sales order management, whilst also providing access to inventory, available to promise, and sales history to help sales people service clients from in the field and on the road, and to empower in-house client service staff.  Sage X3 CRM also provides service staff with equipment service history so they can provide quality field services.

Sage CRM which runs stand-alone or connected to Sage X3 is a best of breed CRM system, which adds the marketing bells and whistles missing from best of suite CRM systems; those that do the CRM basics. With social media integration and Mail Chimp integration companies can launch Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns, and they can monitor customer sentiments with online feeds to CRM. Sage CRM users can also create and execute powerful email campaigns whilst utilizing Google analytics to further refine and re-target their communications. With Outlook integration and HTML 5 resizing for any web enabled device, Sage CRM becomes a powerful sales force automation and marketing system that frees your business to conduct business anywhere anytime.

Salesforce CRM

With Sage’s strategic relationship with Salesforce (Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's No. 1 CRM company), Sage has released a cloud connector for Sage X3 and salesforce CRM. 

CitySoft CRM Services

CitySoft offer sales consulting, technical, functional and project services and support for Salesforce, Sage CRM and Sage X3 CRM software