Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing

If you’re a mid-sized process manufacturer and distributor in food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care products or chemical and life sciences, you face some very specific challenges.

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Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing

If you’re in the Discrete Manufacturing sector, you need business software solutions that engage all stakeholders in the value chain and facilitate implementation of continuous improvement processes like Lean Manufacturing. Learn how CitySoft can help you internally and externally optimise all components of your supply chain.

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Sage X3 for Service Management

Companies providing technical services to their customers are often faced with several challenges including how best to optimize staff and assets, whilst satisfying the service demands of clients. Being profitable in the service department can come down to access to historical data and the ability to share data easily with the people who need it in the field.

Systems that aid with accurate scheduling, including preventative, scheduled and adhoc call outs, and that have the flexibility to change, as unexpected matters arise enable service managers to more accurately communicate with field staff and clients. Access to equipment card details, service history and commercial data such as warranty periods and service coverage lead to more accurate billing.

Good service management software such as Sage X3 utilizes smart phones and mobile devices via the Web to keep staff and clients informed. 

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Sage X3 for Distribution Businesses

As a wholesale distributor, stock optimization is key. Learn how CitySoft can help you not only optimize your inventory, but manage stock across one or multiple sites; pick more efficiently with paperless radio frequency warehouse management technologies and better manage shipping, containers, pick accuracy and route management, for a smooth running warehouse operation.

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Business software for the Financial Services sector (non-banking)

If you’re part of the non banking Finance sector, you will be looking for business software solutions with a flexible general ledger chart of accounts and advanced financial reporting capabilities. You may also be looking for business software that allows you to centrally manage overseas subsidiaries or multiple entities. Learn how CitySoft can help you manage financial transactions and reports across your group including departmental, inter-company and consolidated reporting and analysis.

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