Distribution businesses operate in an environment where efficiency is the main driver for increased profitability. Business efficiency is also the key to improved customer service and is at the core of any customer retention strategy.

This is why Asian-based Distribution businesses are turning to Sage X3. Sage X3 streamlines warehouse processes to improve business efficiencies.

Sage X3 allows you to lead from the front

Mid-sized Distribution businesses need to strike a balance between their stock holding and customer delivery expectations. This is especially true with imported goods, which can have a dramatic impact on the availability of working capital. Equally as important, Distributors need to improve operational margins and reduce warehouse costs.

Introducing Sage X3 for Mid-sized Distribution

Balancing stock holdings and customer service demands are made much easier with Sage X3. Sage X3 integrates key data from across every site, stock location, team and customer. This ‘enterprise wide’ approach to data helps you make the right stocking decisions.

Sage X3 manages all the levels and movements of goods across one or multiple sites and, if needed, across multiple related companies. By integrating all the factors that impact inventory holdings (such as current and historical sales, production schedules, sales forecasts, existing stock levels, product sales velocities and seasonality) Sage X3 becomes a powerful replenishment planning engine.

What are the benefits of Sage X3 to Distributors?

The main benefits of Sage X3’s information integration are optimised inventory levels, lower warehouse labour costs, lower stock holding costs and healthier operating margins.

Which Distributors benefit the most from Sage X3?

Sage X3 is an enterprise-wide business software solution ideally suited to mid-sized wholesale distributors managing their own stock. Sage X3 also provides an ideal platform for companies who may use a combination of their own warehouses and 3PL’s.

Sage X3 improves your businesses flexibility

Sage X3 helps you meet and even exceed the demands of your customers. By making the information about your inventory available when and where it’s needed, your customer service and sales staff can greatly enhance your customer experience. Sage X3 can even provide in field access to ‘available to promise’ information. Bin, lot, serial, batch, FEFO, multiple units of measure, multi-site, multi slot and zones provide companies with the flexibility to pick, put-away and move stock efficiently. Streamlined reception and dispatch and multiple pick methods leads to lower warehouse labour costs, greater pick accuracy and fewer delivery disputes.

Sage X3 is Web-native

A Web-native, enterprise-wide ERP solution has the potential of turning all of your people’s smartphones and tablets into powerful business tools. Sage X3 is fully Web-native and has been developed using the latest HTML 5 technology. Whether your warehouse staff use traditional RF warehouse stock management devices or smart phones and tablets, the use of mobile devices leads to a more productive warehouse environment capable of greater thru-put with the same or fewer staff.

Sage X3 will help you retain and develop your best clients

With Sage X3 you’ll also be able to deliver the products and service levels that inspire customer loyalty. You will also be better positioned to respond quickly to incidents, accidents or special demands.

With mobile radio frequency and touch screen licenses, Sage X3 is ready to mobilise your warehouse staff across all your warehouse transactions. Sage X3 system information provides warehouse staff the flexibility to easily locate spare bins in the warehouse and set aside already sold goods when receipting stock. Container receipting and paperless stock management and integrated QC reception processing for specified items further aids with warehouse efficiencies.

Sage Inventory Advisor

With Sage Inventory Advisor (a Sage SaaS Cloud offer) you can further optimise your stock holding by constantly analysing and monitoring your inventory position. Sage Inventory Advisor allows you to run twenty-eight advanced algorithms across your data as frequently as you require, assisting with purchasing, pricing and promotional activities. This advanced tool supports achievement of an optimized stock holding position that maximizes sales fulfillment without over stocking.

Sage X3 Business Processes for Distributors

In addition to many of the functions you would expect from a ‘best of breed’ mid-market ERP software solution, Sage X3’s distribution functionality delivers Distributors the ability to manage SSCC, EAN, GS1- 128 labeling, EDI integration and delivery scheduling capabilities, kitting, Bills of Materials, serialization, bin management, and batch and lot control. The Sage X3 system supports multiple locations and of course inter site and inter company transfers of inventory.

Sage X3 also allows you to manage RMA’s, unlimited stock locations inside a single warehouse location and multiple units of measure, including fractional measures plus QA & QC management. The system manages equally well raw, intermediate and finished goods plus packaging.

Sage ERP’s Distribution functionality is designed to enhance your supply chain management, procurement, warehousing, order management and supply chain execution.

The advanced import management option further adds container and vessel management capabilities for stock management on the water.

Sage X3 ADC licenses

Sage X3 ADC licenses enable warehouse staff to undertake warehouse transactions using a mobile device or touch screen terminals. By using the Sage ADC licenses receipting, picking, moving and transferring stock between bays, sites and warehouses are simplified.

The ADC licenses remove paper from the warehouse, reduce picking errors and provide data verification across all the inventory processes.

Datalinx Advanced Warehouse Management

For distribution firms with more advanced warehousing needs, Sage X3 expands to incorporate Datalinx for Sage X3.

This solution provides additional ‘best of breed’ warehouse capabilities such as radio frequency warehouse management, container equivalence management, ASN and expected receipt support, blocking and non-conformity management, hazardous materials management, commercial priorities management and location allocation in proximity of picking bays.

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