Sage X3 offers mid-sized Asian-based Financial Services (non-banking) enterprises an advanced business software suite incorporating general ledger, financial reporting, accounts, procurement and expense management.  Designed to deal with multiple entities, consolidations and intra – and inter-entity accounting Sage X3 will drive down the cost of managing a complex mid-market financial services business.

Sage X3 for Multi-Legislation Compliance, Multi-Country Coverage

Sage X3 is a World-class business software solution provided by CitySoft for the Financial Services (non-banking) sector. Sage X3 is designed to manage (in a single instance) enterprises with multiple entities and sites, often operating across multiple countries, dealing with multiple legislation’s and multiple languages.

Delivered in a single database (Universe) Sage X3 provides system users a mid-market all in one Web native advanced business software solution. The system is ideally suited to firms operating multiple offices across multiple regions.

Sage X3 Web-native capabilities

Sage X3 is a Web-native mid-market ERP software advanced business software solution ideally suited to the Financial Services sector (non-banking) businesses that have complex accounting and reporting requirements, and who may also operate multiple entities in multiple countries.

Sage X3’s Web-native technology removes the need for an additional thin client layer (such as Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desk Top Connection) to connect remote offices and users. This IT freedom supports rapid deployment and set up of new offices and staff.

Reduce operating costs

This deployment flexibility reduces your companies’ cost of system ownership and cuts implementation and upgrade costs. It also reduces the time to market, to set up and commission a new office or interstate or overseas workforce and provides remote users an enhanced user experience.

Tier 1 ERP software functionality for a fraction of the price

The depth and spread of functionality in the Sage X3 application compares favourably to many of the best Tier 1 ERP software systems but without the cost and complexity.

Sage X3 provides a wealth of pre-configured functions, workflows, visual processes and role based dashboards and reports, all configurable to your specific company needs. Sage X3 is faster to deploy than many comparable ERP solutions and requires fewer consulting services.

The one feature that leaves other ERP solutions in its wake

The Sage X3 ‘single universe,’ multiple legislation framework is the ideal solution for companies with multiple offices across multiple countries.

This fundamental difference between Sage X3 and most other mid-market ERP solutions ensures you have access to simplified reporting for multiple companies, operating across multiple borders as the inter- company, multi-site and consolidation requirements of your group are all accommodated using the standard features of the Sage X3 system.

A 3rd reporting currency provides exceptional flexibility for groups operating multiple entities in multiple legislations.

Sage X3 will help you improve productivity

With Sage X3 administrative capabilities, it is simple to limit user access to sites, legal entities and transaction types removing system distractions and helping focus staff on key activities.

The statistical and dimensional accounting capability of Sage X3 support a simplified Chart of Accounts (CoA) and aids in optimised management reporting and analysis. With role-based workflows, dashboards and visual processes, new staff induction times can be cut. Customisable on-screen ‘HELP’, favourites, short cuts and electronic approvals allow your staff to work faster and more accurately.

Sage X3 Business Intelligence

Sage X3 includes Sage Intelligence licensing, Dashboards, deep Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point Integration, SQL Query and Crystal Reports and offers Sage Enterprise Intelligence Reporting and other BI tools such as SAP Business Objects and Qlik Sense to ensure Financial Services enterprises have the reporting firepower to complete and succeed in highly competitive industry segments.

Sage X3 document management capabilities

Sage X3 document and file management streamlines administrative functions and where best of breed document management is required CitySoft recommends using V1 a best of breed document management system with deep integration with Sage X3 including OCR and image management.

Sage Expense & Procurement Management

Sage X3 includes a nifty expense App that supports staff use of mobile devices to take a picture of their receipt and code it on the spot relieving back office staff from processing manual expense claims but still enabling managers and the finance team to adjust, when necessary, prior to final expense approval. The clever Sage licensing model makes deployment of the expense claim App highly affordable.