Sage X3 and Aritmos combine to provide meat processing firms a comprehensive all in one system for slaughtering, butchering and meat handling management

Some of the capabilities include: -

Product management

  • Statistical analysis
  • Pallets, packaging, and materials management
  • Capture of qualities, and product grading,
  • Rates management:- butchering fees

Slaughter management

  • Commodities: pork, beef, lamb
  • Slaughter report: purchasing orders
  • Purchase type: live intake, carcass intake
  • Scale connectivity
  • Management of weighing practices: gross intakes, tares, etc.
  • Transport information
  • Origin information: feed type, farm, breed, etc.
  • Cost management: commission, transport, slaughterhouse, miscellaneous, etc.
  • Generation of slaughterhouse results

Price management (intake and packing lists)

  • Pricing type: purchases, sales
  • Grading: SEUROP system (EU), males, etc.
  • Grading document: intake, animal identification (batch, ear tag, etc.)
  • Importing of slaughterhouse results
  • Application of pricing to quality document

Packaging management

  • Transaction type: receiving, transfer, returns
  • Packaging: tares, standardised intakes, etc.
  • Packaging documents
  • Packaging in stock report

Production management

  • Production types: butchering, preparation, freezing, packaging, etc.
  • Production templates: automatic generation of production orders
  • Importing of scale results
  • Statement of butchery production, hams, prepared products, etc.
  • Consumption statement for carcasses, butchered products, hams, materials, etc.
  • Traceability: ascending, descending
  • Traceability level: SSCC bar code, batch no.
  • Butchery price report per product family

Preparation of orders

  • Types: To stock, direct production order….
  • Content: sales articles and/or selection orders
  • Sending of preparation orders to the facility
  • Direct production statement
  • Direct consumption statement
  • Importing of facility intakes: customer, order, article, batch, packages, units, kilos,
  • Printing: by client, by article
  • Generation of sales delivery notes

Pallet management

  • Format: pallet, basket, etc.
  • Content: packages, units, kilos, etc.
  • Pallet documentation (serial codes)
  • Pallet labels
  • Pallet breakdown

Settlement management

  • Invoice types: advances, settlements
  • Price rates: market price
  • Price tables: date intervals, grading, etc.
  • Calculation of settlements by table
  • Direct settlements
  • Printing: detailed, summary 

Quality management

  • Price tables: allowances, depreciations
  • Allowances: SEUROP (EU), males, etc.
  • Depreciations: seizures, health-related, individual intake, average intake, etc.
  • Quality documentation: item, quantity, price, amount
  • Application of quality to delivery notes

Land management

  • Identification: owner, variety, location, etc.
  • Property registry information
  • Characteristics: feed, count, etc.
  • Farm reports

Transport management

  • Types of transport: purchasing, sales, direct
  • Transport prices: by agency, zone, etc.
  • Price type: per tonne, fixed, etc.
  • Transporter information: driver, registration, trailer, etc.
  • Accounting entry of transport delivery notes
  • Transporter invoice control

Customer orders

  • Document types: offers, orders, etc.
  • Generation of orders from templates
  • Rapid selection of customer articles (‘top 10’)
  • Content: no. pallets, no. packages, kilos, etc.
  • Commission: %, kg, minimum price, etc.
  • Importing of web orders

Dispatch management

  • Document types: deliveries, returns, etc.
  • Delivery note evaluation
  • Pallet reader for delivery generation
  • Document generation: transport, packages, etc.
  • Load order: selection of delivery notes
  • Reports: load order, packing list, etc.

Cost management

  • Cost type: production, marketing
  • Cost documentation
  • A posteriori cost application
  • Cost of sales report

Commission management

  • Selection by commission calculation
  • Type of commission: fixed, by collection, by percentage, per tonne, price difference, etc.
  • Printing of commission settlements
  • Generation of expense invoice