SAP Business One offers SMB’s excellent pick and pack functionality and when SMB’s require even more advanced warehouse management including RF paperless warehousing companies using SAP Business One can add simply and cost effectively add PDMX Warehouse Management software for a fully integrated advanced business management and warehouse system.

Produmex warehouse system

The Produmex warehouse system as part of a SAP Business One solution manages, from a warehouse perspective, serialized inventory, lots, & batches; a products physical characteristics including weight, dimensions and qualities for put-away and delivery considerations. 

The Produmex warehouse system is suitable for manufacturers and distributors of products with shelf life and expiry considerations such as use by dates and best before, and it complies with the product traceability initiative (PTI) for case level traceability. It also manages GS1 standards and barcoding.

The PDMX suite for SAP Business One delivers SMB’s a number of business benefits including: -

  • Inventory accuracy levels above 99.9%
  • The ability to reduce inventory by up to 30% through improved inventory management
  • Cut data entry by up to 75% reducing labour demands and improving warehouse efficiencies
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Improved traceability and product safety
  • Improved shipping & delivery accuracy
  • Improved supply chain visibility & capacity to collaborate with suppliers and customers

SAP Business One is regarded by experts in the field as the leading advanced business system for wholesale distribution SMB’s. There are over 60,000 companies worldwide relying on SAP Business One every day to run their businesses.

The SAP Business One system is made even stronger through the addition of purpose build SAP Business One extension products. Wholesalers can now add proof of delivery and advanced warehousing to their SAP Business One system for even greater control over their business processes and interactions.

Produmex Proof-Of-Delivery (POD)

The Produmex (PDMX) electronic Proof-Of-Delivery (ePOD) solution extends the PDMX Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One. The PDMX ePOD solution supports delivery drivers in carrying out their day’s work. It replaces paper-based driver manifests and supports functions at both ends of the delivery run (loading, vehicle checks, unloading) as well as the delivery run itself.

For managers the PDMX ePOD solution provides real-time visibility of driver progress, location and exceptions. In the context of security, the PDMX ePOD solution also offers lone-worker “Man Down” functionality to improve driver safety.

The operational scope of the PDMX ePOD solution encompasses:

  • Loading (free or validated)
  • Load check (security check)
  • Vehicle checks
  • On the road summary and sat-nav
  • Deliveries
  • Collections
  • Asset tracking (cages)
  • Installation checks
  • Photographic evidence of completion or damage
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Unloading
  • Debrief

From a technical point of view the main features of the PDMX ePOD solution are:

  • Job List – Jobs, Tasks and Items
  • Barcode scanning
  • Signature capture
  • Image capture
  • Mobile printing
  • HGV-aware satellite navigation
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time data sync, full off-line operation
  • WiFi, mobile network or cradle communication
  • Secure and resilient data transmission