Karma Group, an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offering extraordinary accommodation in some of the world’s most beautiful locations like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, France, Germany and England, has selected Sage X3 from CitySoft.

Managing over 170 people and multiple companies, sites, ledgers and currencies in the MYOB accounting system had become far to labour intensive for Karma Group www.karmagroup.com Additionally Karma Group had no back office integration with their front-end HMS and CRM systems. Karma Groups systems were not helping Karma Group manage their business efficiently.

CitySoft recommended Sage X3 to Karma Group based on Sage X3’s multiple-company, multi-sites, multi-ledger and multi-currency design. According to CitySoft CEO Anthony Russo, “Sage X3 is the ideal product for Karma Group. As a development platform Sage X3’s technology supports the integration of Karma Group’s HMS, & CRM systems”

Sage X3 provides Karma Group with much needed controls over procurement including workflow automation and budget control which replaces manual procument processes requiring extensive manpower.

With Sage X3, Karma Group Management will have more immediate consolidated financial reports that support management decision making.

Karma Group now use Sage X3 V11.2 under a Subscription Licensing Agreement, deployed on CitySoft’s Enterprise Cloud Services private hosting platform.

Sage X3 Suite - Accounting & Distribution.

Business Intelligence Application - Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Legislations: Singapore and Indonesia

Companies: 3 Singapore companies and 4 Indonesian entities

No. of Users: 20