Tangerine, the developers of Nectari (Sage Enterprise Intelligence) Business Intelligence software will launch Nectari 7.2 on July 1 2016.

There are two major new features:

  • A dynamic Web Report Writer (those who've seen it say it's a game changer for enterprise reporting)
  • A newly designed in HTML5 OLAP Manager that makes building and enhancing data cubes easy.

Nectari V8 (estimated release 3rd Qrt 2016)

V8 will see the product become fully HTML5 across all functions plus system users will have the ability to utilize:

  • New graphs (funnel, diagram, stock, polar, radar, spark lines, etc.)
  • New features in the graph (multi-axes, pivot, etc.)
  • Interactive collaboration tool

All of the features will be available from any mobile device.

Clients on a current vendor software maintenance agreement automatically receive access to these great product enhancements.