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FortLab Malaysia

CitySoft Asia SDNBHD is pleased to announce the signing of FortLab Malaysia for the implementation of Sage X3 advanced business software. FortLab Malaysia, and FortLab Vietnam part of UK enterprise McBride will utilize Sage X3 to help run their personal care liquids manufacturing operations. CitySoft with offices located in Malaysia, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney will also implement Sage X3 in ForLab’s Australian sales and distribution office located in Melbourne Australia.

Sales & Marketing Director at CitySoft Asia Ian Hill said “The Sage X3 system is ideal for FortLab. It provides FortLab with the functionality they need to manage a mid-market multi company, multi country process manufacturing and distribution business. The Sage X3 system will also provide the newly established FortLab Australian sales and marketing business coverage specific to their office including EDI, CRM and localized banking and payroll demands.”  FortLab Australia were looking at a small local application however quickly realized that local systems limitations at the same time as recognizing the value of being part of a single Web native global deployment of Sage X3.

The benefits FortLab expect to obtain from Sage X3 include streamlined warehouse distribution processes supported by the Sage X3 Datalinx radio frequency warehouse management system. FortLab will also benefit from a centrally deployed system that can be accessed by users with access to the Internet and the ability to run a Web browser.  The Web native Sage X3 system allows companies to be nimble, flexible and mobile supporting rapid low cost entry into new regions, countries and markets. The multi country, multi entry nature of Sage X3 will support FortLab operations across Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia. The Sage X3 design will help FortLab consolidate and report on its Vietnam, Malaysian and Australian operations with full management of currencies, eliminations and inter and intra company transactions.

The Nectari (Sage Enterprise Intelligence) Business Intelligence software forms part of the Sage X3 solution for FortLab and will help FortLab analyze business performance across its operational divisions as well supplying FortLab with advanced financial reporting through to the entity and group profit and loss and balance sheet layer.

The Datalinx advanced warehouse suite will streamline FortLab’s distribution processes, at both locations, including receipting of raw materials through to picking and packing for customer order fulfillment. The radio frequency warehouse suite for Sage X3 will deliver FortLab a level of control, traceability and accountability that a manual or semi manual system simply cannot supply.

Sage X3 product update 9 – manufacturing suite which will be supplied to FortLab contains powerful revision control, formulas, sampling, quality control and both forward and backward traceability. It also contains powerful container management and shipment tracking to optimize and control FortLab’s logistics.

Ian Hill added that “Sage X3 has established a significant foot print, globally, in the sector FortLab operate in, and market share that will inevitably accelerate further given Sage’s emphasis on building deeper product capabilities in Sage X3 in the areas of process manufacturing, logistics & warehousing”.

Sage X3 is an advanced business management solution for mid-size enterprises that can be delivered through the cloud with its innovative cross platform application build on HTML5 technology platform combined with business process functional depth and breadth across Financials, Distribution and Manufacturing footprints.  The platform also enables CitySoft to provide their customers "solution design by innovation" given the highly flexible, functionally rich and customizable business processes.

About Sage PLC: Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and entered the FTSE 100 in 1999. Sage has over 6 million customers and more than 14,000 employees in 24 countries covering the UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, Asia, and Brazil. Sage has a long and proud history in Asia build historically on Sage 300 their tier 3 business system for SME’s.