Sage has announced details regarding their upcoming product update 10 for Sage X3 public cloud customers. The update signals a move to continuous updates for public cloud customers something cloud customers would expect from a cloud vendor[1].

With Sage’s strengthening relationship with Salesforce we have seen a speedy release of the Sage X3 – Salesforce CRM cloud connector. CitySoft welcomes the Sage-Salesforce alliance and looks forward to capitalizing on the relationship by better utilizing existing CitySoft resources who have already worked with and love Salesforce CRM.

PU 10 will also contain the option for XM Symphony eCommerce cloud connectivity for businesses who sell on line as part of their go to market positioning.

Whilst Sage roll out Sage X3 under a public cloud environment across the globe, Sage are relying on its valued partners, where Sage are yet to offer public cloud services for Sage X3, to provide private cloud options to prospective Sage X3 clients. There is very little difference for companies using Sage X3 on a public or a private cloud instance. The Sage X3 licensing is available to companies under a subscription model anyways and Sage X3 is built on Web native technologies so companies can simply choose their own Data Centre host, CitySoft’s Cloud or they can manage Sage X3 on their own hardware using Sage X3 subscription and publishing Sage X3 via the Web to their users.

[1] Sage introduced Sage X3 Cloud on the public AWS Infrastructure as a Service, with an initial scope including all core modules, payment processing, fixed assets, and sales tax management in North America in 2015.

Sage X3 PU 10 continued

Sage X3 PU 10 includes all the brilliant additions in PU 9 including a suite of functions for importers, and distributors around container management, warehouse management and shipping & logistics. The key focus with PU 10 & 11 are:

  • Enriching the core functionality to meet new and “must-have” requirements in our core market for Enterprise Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and for Services industries

  • Pre-building integration of select vertical solutions and add-ons in the Sage X3 Cloud. For example, integration with BI solution Sage Enterprise Intelligence, and e-commerce solution (XM Symphony) which will come as standard with Sage X3 Cloud.

  • Making it easier for third-party developers to integrate with Sage X3 in the Cloud, with better integration tools and APIs

* Sage are rolling out their Sage X3 public cloud solution globally. In addition to North America, they launched in the UK last fall, the solution is now available in France, and they will rollout Sage X3 Cloud in Australia by this summer.

What’s new in product update 11

The Sage X3 PU 11 will include all the new features released to cloud clients in PU 10, plus all subsequent updates (continual updates for cloud customers) rolled up into a single 6 monthly update.

Sage are making strong investments, with their technology and in the product functionality, to achieve their ambition, and deliver on their value proposition: providing midsize businesses with powerful, flexible and rapidly scalable business management capabilities, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems, so they may grow faster and take advantage of a global economy.

Sage X3 PU 11 will

•       See even further advancements with mobility, with improved accessibility to the core Sage X3 applications from Windows, iOS and Android devices, as well as new native apps leveraging the unique capabilities of these devices.

•       Include easier and more flexible financial reporting.  (Excel-based reporting capabilities)

•       See even greater scalability and performance capabilities in Sage X3. It also allow you to run multiple batch servers simultaneously on different servers, and the Application Server will no longer be a single point of failure (because we can run multiple Application Servers in parallel)

•       More connectors to various sources of information, internal or external to the organization for expand Business Intelligence capabilities.

•       Sage X3 compatibility of with the latest OS and databases