Many mid-sized businesses today face the obstacle of trying to access information stored within older generation ERP software, which is better described as ‘accounting software.’

They often need to rely on a number of simplistic, yet complicated to use, time-consuming ERP and third party data analysis and reporting tools to make important business decisions. Thanks to Sage Enterprise Intelligence, this is no longer the case.

Introducing Sage Enterprise Intelligence (Sei | Nectari)

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a new generation of Business Intelligence tools, which is helping companies around the globe make more informed decisions.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides actionable, real-time insights into operational, financial and HRM data. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI | Nectari) is a data analysis and reporting solution for companies using Sage X3 or Sage 300. It compares favorably with other enterprise level BI tools.

SEI | Nectari is simple to use

SEI | Nectari is elegantly simple to use. It empowers users to analyse and report on real-time information across their entire enterprise. With SEI | Nectari, your people will have access to live key business metrics, informative dashboards, and reports, enabling them to make informed decisions and to predict and plan for the future.

SEI | Nectari ‘out-of-the-box’

Out-of-the-box, SEI | Nectari provides ready to use pre-built templates, which enable you to gain immediate benefit from SEI’s powerful analysis and reporting capabilities. Out-of-the-box, SEI | Nectari provides sophisticated Financial analysis and reporting capabilities. These capabilities include multiple entity consolidations.

SEI | Nectari and Excel

SEI | Nectari Excel Add-in supports and facilitates real-time access via Microsoft Excel to Sage X3 and other data sources.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence BI licenses provide online and ‘Big Data’ OLAP analysis. After only a few hours of training SEI | Nectari users will experience a significant increase in productivity.

SEI | Nectari BI User Interface encourages participation

It goes without saying that a solution that is easy and enjoyable to use will be used more often and create greater value for users. These are the guiding principles behind the SEI | Nectari’s intuitive User Interface.
SEI | Nectari’s intuitive User Interface makes it easy to access enterprise-wide information quickly and securely. SEI | Nectari is fast to deploy and administer. It’s powerful, yet easy to learn features and functionality provides self-service data analysis and reporting for every authorised user in your business including mobile users.

Current business information is more valuable

The need for mid-sized companies based in Asia to have immediate access to critical business information has never been so important. Without such information, businesses cannot respond effectively to rapidly changing global market conditions. SEI | Nectari ensures your people have everything they need to make informed and timely business decisions.

SEI | Nectari is designed to provide real-time access to Sage ERP data and other open data sources presenting the data in graphical and traditional formats.

SEI | Nectari sets a new benchmark for Business Intelligence

SEI | Nectari’s advanced features include data entry and business logic capabilities. It’s open framework can be used to build SEI | Nectari processes such as budgeting and forecasting, with the ability to access, validate and transfer data between SEI | Nectari and Sage X3 and other sources of data.

Securing essential business data has never been more important

Your business information is one of your most valuable resources and must be secure at all times. SEI | Nectari’s security layer makes optimal use of Sage X3 database security to ensure the protection of your enterprise data and its integrity.

The SEI | Nectari BI solution is based on the same integration and security settings in Sage X3, and as such provides the same ‘enterprise level’ security.

SEI | Nectari also allows you to add field level controls to your existing data. Now you have the choice to keep it simple or take advantage of SEI | Nectari’s powerful security features, ensuring that your critical business information is never compromised.

Use advanced Business Intelligence to make decisions on the go

With SEI | Nectari, valuable business intelligence is in the palm of your hand. Whether sitting in an airport lounge or a meeting, SEI | Nectari allows you to access essential business intelligence when and where you need it most.


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