Mid-market companies operating in Asia are looking to eliminate inefficiencies and improve profitability. Research undertaken around the globe continues to indicate that the top priorities for mid-sized businesses are sales growth and reducing operating costs. To remain competitive, mid-sized companies operating in Asia are looking at ways to achieve these outcomes.

Support your growth strategies

Winning new customers, expanding into new markets or geographies and eliminating inefficiencies to free up working capital for investments are some of the most important challenges facing mid-sized businesses the world over. If you are serious about growth, you need to find new ways to cost effectively achieve your goals.

The challenges for mature Asian mid-sized businesses

Mature mid-sized Asian businesses facing increasing market competition often resort to rationalization strategies to reduce business costs. While this approach may provide short-term relief, it often has catastrophic long-term effects. One way to increase profitability and growth is through an improved business software system that helps management develop a far deeper understanding of business drivers.

The role of Sage X3 in improving understanding of your business

As they say, ‘you only know what you know.’ Even mature businesses with good management can be blind to opportunities and challenges in front of them. It is only when they implement an mid-market ERP software solution like Sage X3 that they understand they have been making important decisions based on imperfect data.

It’s important for mature mid-sized businesses to adopt the best ERP business software solutions; to develop the insights they need to reduce operating costs; to automate processes and to increase their competitiveness.

Why your organisation should consider Sage X3

ERP software is an area where organisations shouldn’t make hasty decisions or choices based on cost alone. Mid-size business should look closely at their ERP software options, as the average lifespan of these solutions is over 10 years. If you are going to implement an EPR software solution that your business will depend on for at least the next 10 years, then you will want to consider Sage X3.

Sage X3 enables you to revive growth and profitability by providing your employees with the information they need to serve customers better, take back control over quality, and eliminate inefficiencies across your organisation. Sage X3 gives all of your employees the information they need, when they need it, on a variety of devices. Sage X3 also makes it easy for you to manage complex business processes in a single, integrated all-in-one suite of software.

Which businesses benefit the most from Sage X3?

Sage X3 is ideally suited to mid-sized enterprises and organisations with sophisticated or mature business processes. Sage X3 delivers out-of-the-box industry ‘best practice’ solutions to sectors such as Process and Discreet Manufacturing, Technical and Professional Service Management, Wholesalers even those with the most sophisticated warehousing needs, the Financial Services (Non-Banking) sector and enterprises consisting of multiple legal entities operating in one or multiple legislation’s.

Sage X3 provides each person in your organisation a personalised experience that helps drive productivity and efficiency. The functional depth of Sage X3 ensures each system user operates in unison with their colleagues to create a collaborative workplace where each business process is optimized for the organization.

Sage X3’s web native client

The latest version of Sage X3 features an entirely new generation of interface and user experience.

This new user interface and user experienced was developed to increase user acceptance and productivity. It has also been designed to encourage adoption of industry ‘best practices’ across your organisation.

The Sage X3 web native interface and user experience includes all new landing pages, visual processes, and by far the most comprehensive Microsoft productivity tool integration in the marketplace.

The latest version of Sage X3 also provides businesses with the opportunity to create ‘Company-specific’ Sage X3 Apps, using Microsoft’s HTML 5 technologies.

Modern business is mobile. So is Sage X3

Sage X3 version 7 is a Web-native all in one ERP system for mid-market enterprises. Its technology makes it an industry leader. It’s responsive HTML 5 technology makes it possible to access every part of the ERP suite on any device capable of accessing the Web and running any browser.

Sage X3 version 7 allows your staff to access relevant business data on the move, in a format that is optimised to the devices they carry with them all of the time.

Web-native Sage X3 allows you to take your business technology to a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. Now your staff can enter expenses, look up item availability and see account details from their smartphones and access client and supplier information, so as to complete transactions including sales, purchases and service invoices, in the field.

Sage X3 allows you to integrate and automate more processes

Sage X3 presents a unique opportunity for Asian-based business managers to take back control of their mid-sized businesses. Sage X3’s capacity to automate and optimize business processes across manufacturing, distribution and finance provides businesses already operating with lean budgets additional opportunities to increase business efficiency. As a web native application system users spread around the globe can access the one integrated system via a web enabled device.

Sage X3 improves quality control

Sage X3 automation capabilities can also help improve quality control, ensure compliance and streamline all operations across your organisation. Sage X3 features end-to-end visual processes, workflows, electronic approvals and signatures as well as notifications and alerts.

Sage X3 real-time business intelligence

Sage X3 features built-in business intelligence that enables accurate evaluation of business trends, risks and performance in real-time.

Sage X3’s Business Intelligence includes landing page KPIs, Intuitive Dashboards and access to key business data. Sage X3’s Business Intelligence also allows your people to easily create inquiries specific to your organisation and each user and role in your company.

Sage X3 helps you increase repeat business sales

To remain competitive, mid-sized Asian-based businesses need to improve their data capabilities if they want to retain their customers and increase sales. Sage X3 delivers fast, simple and seamless access to business data, creating greater awareness of your organisations capacity to accommodate complex customer demands quickly.

Workflow automation capability and alerts in Sage X3

The extensive Sage X3 workflow automation capabilities and alerts help your organisation reduce response times to customer demands. Sage X3 makes it easier to access customer data and to accurately promise inventory to clients, as well as create documents on mobile devices.

With the option for SaaS Sage Inventory Advisor, advanced inventory analysis and optimisation, Sage X3 can quickly help your company reduce ‘stock on hand’ levels while improving customer service. The collaborative, organisation-wide capabilities of Sage X3 makes the job of winning and retaining customers that much easier.

Using Sage X3 to expand into new markets and geographies

If you’re a mid-sized business operating in Asia, chances are your market and opportunities extend beyond the borders of where your business is based. That is why you need an ERP software solution designed for global markets. Sage X3 delivers global management capabilities and supports expansion into new geographies.

The Web-native technology, distributed computing capability and single folder ‘Universe’ of Sage X3 makes it ideal for groups operating multiple entities, currencies and operating within multiple jurisdictions.

Sage X3 allows you to easily produce meaningful reports to manage inter-site, inter-entity and consolidated movements within your group or entire enterprise. Sage X3 ‘single folder’ capabilities allows you to quickly and easily report by regions, statistical groups, analytical pyramids and corporate structure.

Sage X3’s web service-oriented technology also allows you to integrate with cloud and industry-specific service applications. The latest version of Sage X3 also offers connections to a number of services, which include integration with Magento eCommerce sites, the advanced Sage Inventory Adviser service, CAD, PLM, CMMS, Payment, Banking and EDI services.

Sage X3’s role in creating cash flow from within

Sage X3’s Reporting and Business Intelligence tools also help manage and optimise cash flow. Sage X3 features purchase approvals, requests for quote, commitments, contracts, inventory forecasting, and margin controls on sales documents plus business partner average days to pay, data that aids tight cash flow management.

The distribution suite for Sage X3 allows you to optimise warehouse management across one or multiple sites, reducing the capital invested in stock and improving fill rates and customer service levels.

The manufacturing suite for Sage X3 also allows you to improve, monitor and optimise planning and production costs, from procurement to scheduling through to storage of finished goods for sale. Multiple manufacturing modes are covered in the one Sage X3 deployment.

What is Sage X3’s ‘sweet spot?’

The best software is designed with specific goals in mind. In the case of Sage X3, it was designed to meet the technical and functional needs of mid-market companies with both mature and complex business processes and often with multiple offices and concurrent usage demands that ERP systems for small to medium sized companies struggle to accommodate. Sage X3 scales from several to several thousand concurrent users and is a true mid-market leader in the ERP space

Sage ERP licensing models

Sage X3 is offered as a SaaS public cloud offer, a subscription licensing model or under a traditional licensing model (CAPEX). Sage X3 has the flexibility to suit both mature and emerging mid-market enterprises. Sage’s CAPEX or OPEX licensing models make Sage X3 affordable for both emerging and established enterprises.


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