As a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), your primary reason for reviewing your current business software is typically either improving profitability or growth…or possibly both.

You have (most likely) also discovered your current entry level accounting and business software has become increasingly slow to use, and you continue to find more and more ways in which it no longer meets your needs. You may have also resorted to 3rd party solutions to add functionality, only to find they are adding to the complexity and not delivering on their promise. The reality is that your organisation needs to graduate to a more sophisticated business software solution.

Start with SAP Business One

SAP, the leaders in ERP software delivers SME’s an all in one best of suite system called SAP Business One. Originally launched in 1996, SAP Business One has evolved into a market leader in the SME space off the back of a number of innovations and inclusions previously the domain of much larger ERP systems and an ever-growing community of companion products providing industry-specific solutions across a wide number of industries. (click here to read more).

Why do SME's choose CitySoft as their SAP Business One implementation partner?

CitySoft is one of Australia’s largest and most respected SAP Business One implementation partners. CitySoft have built a reputation for delivering quality ERP projects for small, medium and large enterprises. With extensive project management experience and a team of SAP Business One functional and technical experts, CitySoft is well positioned to help companies successfully navigate through the intricacies and challenges of introducing new ERP software. Regardless of whether or not your ERP project is uncomplicated or complex, small or large in scale, CitySoft has the processes and approach that leads to project success and investment value.

Recommended products for SME's

SAP Business One 

SAP Business One is a purpose built advanced business system for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s). Available on the SAP in memory HANA platform or for Microsoft Windows using a SQL database, SAP Business One is the logical application for growing small to medium sized businesses who need a modern, scalable system with functional depth and technical superiority.  


SAP Business One Extensions



BatchMaster for SAP Business One

BatchMaster for SAP Business One is built in the SAP Business One technical framework providing process manufacturers a single integrated business system. Designed to meet the needs of process manufacturers BatchMaster for SAP Business One offers both advanced manufacturing controls and advanced warehousing capabilities for SMB’s

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Produmex for SAP Business One

Produmex products, developed in the SAP technology framework, exclusively for SAP Business One, offer SMB’s fully integrated software for three distinct areas of business. Produmex for discrete manufacturers, Produmex for processors of primary products and Produmex advanced warehousing for wholesalers with advance warehousing needs including wholesalers managing products with expiry dates, best before, batch, lot or serialization.



Core systems 

Core Systems software products, developed in the SAP technology framework, exclusively for SAP Business One, include ePage eCommerce for on line retailers (B2C) and B2B wholesalers & Core Systems field services software for companies providing in field technical services.

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SAP Business One Projects and jobs

When the core SAP Business One resources, projects and jobs functionality in release 9.2 isn’t sufficient for your business needs CitySoft recommend Eralis Projects and jobs. This powerful development for SAP Business One adds depth to project and job management in SAP Business One.

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Lisa Warehouse Solution for SAP B1

Extends SAP Business One’s inventory management capabilities by offering warehouse mobility for optimized Receiving, Put Away and Picking Routes and Shipping.

Lisa adds greater flexibility around Random or Fixed Locations of stock plus it manages Manifest/Container Receiving, Cross Docking, RMA Processing, Cycle Counting, Wave Picking and advanced Order Distribution Planning

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ZedSuite Customer Portal

Empower your customers with a secure, flexible and personalised self-service gateway.

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Boyum IT for SAP Business One 

A range of modules which enhance the SAP Business One system, allowing you to execute configuration tasks easily with limitless capabilities.

B1uP helps streamline and automate SAP Business One processes & screens at a user interface level that in turn drive productivity and useability.

Other modules include MailChimp integration, Document Manager, Print & Delivery, Budget, Time Task, and iPayment.


Valogix Inventory Planner 

Valogix Planner enhances SAP Business One Demand Planning for companies that need a powerful solution to solve their complex inventory requirements. Designed to optimise your stock holding and customer service targets, Valogix will help you manage your inventory more efficiently and meet the demands of customers and suppliers at a lower cost.


ePages for SAP Business One 

ePages allows you to extend the advantages of your SAP Business One software solution to online retail, establishing your online business presence simply and quickly.