Process manufacturing is unlike any other manufacturing sector. Process manufacturers have unique requirements and require a specialised ERP system developed to meet their unique needs.

BatchMaster has been specifically developed from the ground up, inside SAP Business One using the SAP Business One tool kit, to meet the specific requirements of process manufactures and it provides ‘out of the box’ specialised functionality, which includes:

  • The ability to produce multiple products from the same batch
  • Weight and volume conversions
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Integrated product research and development
  • Lot traceability and quality control
  • Flexible batch sizing and planning
  • Ability to apply substitutions on the factory floor
  • Flexible sales returns, reworks, write offs and disposal of expired goods
  • Pick by facts such as FEFO, FIFO, Lot and utilize bar-codes and RF technologies to pick raw and finished goods.
  • Supports mobile RF warehouse devices

BatchMaster has been developed for ‘real time’ data integration, with one of the world’s most successful SME size business ERP’s; SAP Business One.

The combination of BatchMaster, one of the world’s premier process manufacturing systems with SAP Business One, one of the world’s most successful SME ERP software solutions, creates a powerful end to end system for SME process manufacturers. In concert the system removes the need to reply on off system spreadsheet driven processes and allows companies to capitalize on one common set of data reflecting manufacturing, distribution and accounts.

And with one of the most well-resourced, experienced and respected business software consultants, CitySoft, providing your BatchMaster for SAP Business One ERP implementation, your business can start benefiting from the new system that much faster.