Lisa Warehouse Solution for SAP Business One 

Streamline your warehouse operations with LISA for SAP Business One

SAP Business One offers wholesale distribution companies fantastic pick and pack functionality and for companies with more advanced Warehouse Management System needs there is LISA WMS for SAP Business One.

LISA adds radio frequency WMS management and connects with SAP Business One in real time for complete data validations and integrity between operations handled by SAP B1 and warehouse transactions handled by LISA.

CitySoft supports LISA Distribution WMS, LISA Express and LISA Scanning Starter Pack with each option sdesigned to meet the needs of enterprises with advanced multi-site WMS, single site and basic WMS needs.

LISA takes over where SAP Business One pick and pack stops. In addition to RF management of stock processes LISA deals with containers, license plates, multi-slot SKU placement and it handles labels from the SKU level through to SSCC labelling. Of course LISA WMS capabilities such as wave and zone picking introduce warehouse efficiencies and the PDE data capture verification steps ensure accuracy around picking, packing and dispatch cutting down claims of short picking and credit note claims as well as simplifying container receipting and goods receipting and set aside instructions to fill existing back orders. So location management with pick path sequences, velocity, capacity and zone management and random or fixed product locations combine in LISA to make your warehouse operation a slick, quick, efficient and effective business unit.