CitySoft Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) Fast Track Projects

CitySoft have taken the Sage Fast Start program and created what we believe to be a superior Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) Fast Track project plan designed for uncomplicated enterprises with relatively straight forward project deliverables. 

The Fast Track project plan speeds up and reduces the consulting fees to implement Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) by adopting best practice and by setting aside various advanced capabilities, for later consideration.  Fast Track will get enterprises on system quickly.  By breaking down the project enterprises can more readily identify where CitySoft and Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) can add real value to their business. The Fast Track project plan isn’t always suitable as the complexities and scope of an enterprises requirements may require a full service delivery Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) project plan. However where applicable, the templated project plan is aligned with a system configuration for a single legislation and legal entity.  Various decisions regarding system configuration are taken care of in the templated project plan. CitySoft’s Fast Track project plan is flexible accommodating variations as we know from experience this leads to real project and investment value right from the get go.

Growing mid-sized enterprises who operate without the complexities many mature mid-market enterprises share can confidently invest in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) knowing that by getting on platform they can in time add further core functionality to their system, cost effectively, and as funds and corporate capabilities support system expansion.

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Why do Asian based mid-sized businesses choose CitySoft as their Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) implementation partner?

CitySoft is one of Sage’s most awarded and well-resourced Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) implementation partners. We are experts in delivering global Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)projects. Our specific focus on mid-sized enterprises and our product knowledge and project management expertise allows us to successfully deliver Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) projects. Our expertise leads to faster project delivery with less disruption and higher levels of system uptake. CitySoft makes sure companies obtain the greatest value from their investment in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) by introducing product capabilities others often don’t even know exist that produce significant long-term returns for our clients. CitySoft produces real value and with minimal risk of project failure, investment disappointment and business disruption.

The CitySoft difference

Here are the facts about ERP projects. One third of ERP projects fail. One third go live but the clients say that the effort wasn’t worth it. One third of all ERP projects are a success. Enterprises who want to experience a successful Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)project outcome are contracting with CitySoft. CitySoft deliver successful advanced business software projects. Others readily sell you software and bump you off to a third party to deliver the project whilst others have an unsophisticated approach to service delivery heavily favouring themselves over their clients: the risks all yours. No wonder so many projects fail. Our comprehensive go to market advanced software project methodology de-risks you from project failure whilst producing the highest levels of return on your investment in advanced business software. Email to receive our project delivery road map

CitySoft Professional Services

CitySoft Consulting Group as providers of advanced business information system solutions for mid-sized enterprises offer a full suite of services including project delivery services and post project support.

The CitySoft consulting teams consist of project managers & functional and technical consultants who together deliver solutions often incorporating system integration works so our clients can fully capitalize on the business benefits the Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) software system promises to deliver.

Project Methodologies

CitySoft have adopted the Sage Best Practice SIGMA Model (Sage Implementation Global Methodology Approach). This methodology combines both classic Waterfall and Agile methodologies in driving a solution delivery through continual collaboration with you the Client, constantly reflecting expectations and requirements in staged solution builds.

Project Management

Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) Projects

The value any buyer obtains from their purchase of advanced business software for mid-sized enterprises is significantly influenced by the quality of the consulting services supplied to assist with introduction of the new software. The Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) product has a number of characteristics that make the introduction of Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) more manageable than other mid-market and tier 1 ERP software systems. These characteristics include preconfigured yet modifiable reports, dashboards, visual processes, alerts and job role profiles that systematically reduce the time otherwise required to create and implement these product capabilities. The real value of Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) however materialized when buyers engage CitySoft with their wealth of product and project knowledge.

Buyers of Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) from CitySoft Consulting have access to a full team of professionals covering all the necessary disciplines: project management; business intelligence & reporting; functional and technical consultants, with over 200 years of combined project and Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)experience. In this industry experience counts. CitySoft is regarded by Sage as one of their leading Global Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) partners and suppliers of multi-country projects.

Project fees as a ratio to Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) software licensing start from 2:1 and rarely exceed the ratio’s other mid-market ERP systems require.

CitySoft’s services include both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted private cloud services for Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3).