Project Management

With so many documented ERP project failures, what is required to make your investment in an advanced business software system a success, where so many others fail? 

For investment success, when introducing new advanced business software into your mid-market business, you will need to ensure that your project contains and consists of various disciplines and skills, including project management; project governance and product experts both at a technical & functional level.

You will need to appoint a client project manager to work hand in glove with the vendors project manager, and you will need to provide your project manager with the authority to support this important role. All up you need to contract with a consulting business with a track record delivering mid-market projects who have deep product expertise, a full project team and strong project management credentials, and a proven system to de-risk your project from the factors that often lead to project failure, disappointment and abandonment. Above all, you will need to be realistic regarding the certainty over the amount you’ll need to invest to obtain the full investment benefits you hope to achieve.

Strong project management coupled with quality controls and project governance will reduce the risk of project failure, disappointment and abandonment from missed deadlines, inferior solution outcomes and budgetary pressures, but regardless of all the checks and balances, planning and design effort project variations will arise during a project. An allowance or contingency figure should always be accommodated in your accounts and project allowance.

So what does a CitySoft project look like?

The project model consists of the following phases (2.1-2.6)

2.1 Project kickoff

2.2 Project Design

2.3 Project Execution

2.4 Project Testing

2.5 Project Go Live

2.6 Project Governance

Our project delivery control schedules (3) will de-risk your project from later debate or dispute regarding scope, project requirements and solution and will greatly assist your team contributing to the project in a meaningful way. Your contribution will inevitably lead to you obtaining greater value from the CitySoft services. This phase of the CitySoft project also lays the foundation for delivery timelines, responsibilities and budget reducing the risk of variations even further.

3 Project Delivery Schedules

3.1 High Level Project plan

3.2 RICEFW Schedule

3.3 Inventory of Requirements

3.4 Inventory of Business Processes

3.5 Survey and Documentation of Business Processes

3.6 Issues and Risks Register

3.7 Build Schedules

CitySoft’s go no go toll gates and project phase and task sign off requirements support delivery of a quality project. Whilst others may scrimp on project management and quality assessments CitySoft understands that these measures lead to quality project outcomes.