The profile of a mid-sized Asian-based business generally includes the operation of multiple branches across multiple provinces, states, territories and countries. More and more mid-sized Asian-based businesses have a global focus. Sage X3 is perfectly designed to meet the needs of enterprises spanning multiple countries.

Mid-sized enterprises who have spread to new markets or plan to expand to encompass different countries and legislations need an ERP software solution flexible enough to manage these multiple entities and multiple sites, as well as multiple legislations and currencies effectively.

They need the ability to expand cost-effectively, without IT constraints. They also need business software solutions that deal with the accounting complexities such growth creates.

Sage X3 support global ambitions

Within one single universe, Sage X3 manages multiple companies, sites, warehouses, legislations, and languages, with ease. Its Unicode development has also been designed to enable the software to run simultaneously in multiple languages.

Sage X3 allows you to manage inter-company and site transfers, inter-entity transactions and consolidated group accounting and reporting optionally utilizing a third reporting currency if required.

Sage X3’s Web-native capabilities

Sage X3 is a Web-native ERP system for mid-sized enterprises. It is a multi-tiered, scalable system that ensures a single deployment can take care of all your offices and branches across the globe, without requiring additional thin client technologies or client installs.