Mid-sized businesses need an advanced business information system that offers them flexibility, mobility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions, and to capitalize on opportunities. They need an advanced business information system that caters for their specific business needs including compliance and reporting. They need a system that helps them capture, manage and use industry specific processes and information.

CitySoft and Sage X3

CitySoft solution design, delivers and supports highly effective industry specific systems build around the market leading Sage X3 advanced business software suite.

Sage X3 is a modern advanced business information system. A Web native, all in one application, Sage X3 is browser agnostic and accessible on any web-enabled device. The Web native technology combined with deep product functionality makes Sage X3 ideal for fast-growing, nimble mid-sized enterprises.

Sage X3 is an affordable mid-sized businesses system containing advanced functionality and leading technologies, that makes it particularly suitable for mid-sized enterprises who wish to grow more profitably.

Sage X3 is a particularly strong software solution for process and discrete manufacturers, technical and project based service businesses, financial services, non-banking and wholesale distribution companies.

CitySoft’s Sage X3 product experts often draw together independent software vendor (ISV) applications designed for Sage X3, to help deliver Sage X3 advanced business software solutions for mid-market businesses. Solutions that address each industry’s specific information needs. Gfi, Lascom, Datalinx and Provenio variously compliment Sage X3 to deliver industry leading solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM), management of hazardous goods (Provenio), advanced warehouse management (Datalinx) and projects and jobs (Gfi).