Lascom & Sage X3 for the food and beverage sector

Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management software for Food and Beverage Manufactures tracks the development of a product from start to finish in one efficient system making it the perfect addition to a Sage X3 or SAP process manufacturing software system.  

PLM software significantly decreases manual daily tasks managed by product development, marketing, R&D, and quality and supply teams through its distinctive management of information on one integrated platform. The system reduces time to market and reduces the risk associated with new product releases and relaunches.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Lascom centrally manages all the information about a product and the inter-relationship and dependencies of each products characteristics that apply during a products life. Documents and costings and revisions are tracked by Lascom and marketing and R&D expenses and results are also tracked with the valuable data available to report on a product from various angles prior to commercialization, during the life of the product and as the product approaches retirement or the time to refresh and relaunch.

Some of the well-known companies using Lascom include Yoplait the world's second-ranking brand in fresh dairy products and the Lactalis Group who produce a range of products under a series of prestigious French and international brands that includes cheeses, milk, cream, butter, ultra-fresh, milk powder, Baiada, Nestle Dairy, and Kronenbourg (Carlsberg Brewery)