Mid-sized businesses looking to operate in global markets, require global business software. As designed, Sage X3 is available in multiple languages and legislations. In a single folder (instance), multiple legal entities from multiple legislations can harmoniously reside, making group financial reporting a breeze. Sage X3 is designed to manage the most complex eliminations and consolidations, as well as inter-site and inter-entity transactions.

Sage X3 designed for multi-country enterprises

Sage X3 multi-country legal and accounting compliance is a core function, provided for in a single global folder also known as a ‘universe.’ Sage X3 also delivers home, source and reporting currencies, consolidations and roll-ups for legal or reporting purposes.

Sage X3 implementation specialists

To maximise the effectiveness of your multi-country Sage X3 software system, you need an experienced implementation team. CitySoft is one of Sage’s leading Sage X3 partners, awarded locally and internationally by Sage, for our sales and project successes. CitySoft operate the region’s largest and best-resourced Sage X3 consulting teams that includes functional, technical, reporting and project management specialists. Our team are experienced leading multi country roll-outs of Sage X3.