Freedom of choice

Having decided that you no longer want to own and manage your own computer servers and business software, instead preferring to pay a 3rd party to provide these services, what are your choices?

There are several matters to consider including software licensing, public cloud or private cloud options and managed operations. The inevitable acronyms for this area of computing include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Application service provider (ASP) and managed operations (Managed Ops)

The main points to consider with respect to Sage X3 advanced business software are a) It is Web native software, b) It is available as a subscription license or a perpetual license, c) It is available under a public cloud offering or a private cloud offering.

Firstly, there are a number of technologies such as Remote Desk Top Connection (RDC) and Citrix that allow companies to access their business software via the Internet even when the business software wasn’t designed for the Web. These extra layers of technology add cost and often complexity.

Sage X3 is Web native. That is, it was designed for the Web. All an authorized Sage X3 user needs to access Sage X3 is a device that can run a browser and can access the Web. That’s it easy. Every Sage X3 page is a URL address.

Software licensing is a different matter to public cloud computing even though some vendors seem to delight in mudding the waters.

Public cloud offerings of business software are all about provision of a service – supply of the infrastructure, the database and the application for a monthly fee, albeit many vendors calculate costs monthly, but bill annually or quarterly in advance. Ownership of information is generally unclear. Data location is also typically unclear. In layman’s terms public cloud services are a rental arrangement where infrastructure and application software is bundled up and priced by user.

Sage is in the process of rolling out their public cloud offering for Sage X3, around the globe. Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) who possess five times the computing power of their next six competitors combined, Sage has now made Sage X3 available as a true cloud subscription offer. Sage X3 product updates happen seamlessly, and continuously as consumers have grown to expect from cloud providers, and the technology supports product customizations, and unlike competitive offerings in the mid-market cloud space, Sage doesn’t require or charge for test or production environments.

CitySoft provide private cloud services for companies using Sage X3. Under a private cloud offer the way you license your Sage X3 software is irrelevant. It can be a subscription or a perpetual license.

Under the private cloud offer from CitySoft, clients are supplied infrastructure as a service (IaaS). CitySoft partner with Telstra, Interactive and Vocus and operate our own CitySoft Cloud infrastructure.

If subscribing to Sage X3 licenses and utilizing CitySoft’s private cloud IaaS, you will be able to remove the need for any capital outlay for software and infrastructure.

With Sage, there is little difference between the private cloud offering and the Sage public cloud offer. Either way the hassle of maintaining, monitoring, updating, backing up and protecting your advanced business system and the infrastructure it runs on is removed as a result of moving to the Cloud

If you have existing computer hardware and operating system licensing Infrastructure suitable to run Sage X3 but you find managing the infrastructure a chore, or too costly to manage effectively, then as an interim step to moving to use someone else’s infrastructure (IaaS), you may consider placing your equipment at CitySoft’s Data Centre for CitySoft to monitor for you.

No matter what your preference, CitySoft and Sage X3 can assist you.

Sage X3 security

With respect to adopting a cloud ERP solution, ownership of, and access to your company data especially in the event of concluding a software as a service (SaaS) contract, are the number one and two concerns for Company Directors closely followed by the location of your data, mainly brought about by the Patriot Act and sovereignty of data concerns.

Under a Sage public cloud offer (SaaS) the data is yours, and you have access to it. Next, the Sage contract is clear and concise with respect to contract extensions, alleviating concerns over lock in pricing. Finally Sage X3 contains first class system access controls and data encryption making your business and business data safe and secure.