Deployment freedom of choice

Sage X3 is a Web native application. Users of Sage X3 simply need a device that can access the Web and can run a browser, pretty much any browser and they are up and running.  Sage X3’s HTML 5 User interface sizes to the device for ease of use. 

The Sage X3 technology supports deployment of the software on premise or at a Data Centre. In certain regions of the World Sage offer a public cloud option sold by CitySoft. CitySoft Asia provides private cloud services for clients who prefer that their system be managed by external Sage X3 specialists.

Licensing freedom of choice

The Sage X3 software can be subscribed to or purchased. Regardless of how you choose to license your software it can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise.


The Web native Sage X3 software is modern software designed for the Internet era. Make the most of mobile devices to access information and process data wherever you are – in the warehouse, on the road, working from home. Empower your sales people with Sage X3 CRM and your field services staff with modern business software with capabilities such as sign on glass.