The foot print of core Sage X3 is both deep and wide however even with the extensive business process coverage of Sage X3, for mid-sized enterprises, there are instances where several core system extensions exist to provide industry specialization.

The Sage X3 system is available as either a finance, distribution, projects and jobs or manufacturing suite. The distribution suite can be extended by adding Datalinx advanced warehouse management software.  Several system extensions exist for both the discrete and the process manufacturing suite such as Lascom product lifecycle management (PLM); and Procession from Provenio for enterprises producing and or handling dangerous goods including chemicals and compounds and formulas and recipes. 

Aritmos have produced as suite of products built on the Sage SAFE platform for the agricultural sector including growing and processing of nuts, fruits, vegetables, & animal protein processing.

Sage X3 includes best of suite expense management capabilities or integration with best of breed product Concur from SAP.

The Sage projects and job management suite (PJM) provides excellent manufacturing and services based time and material management and when enterprises require a system with comprehensive construction management CitySoft recommends  including the Sawsoft Construction product for Sage X3.

Sage X3 core software includes service management functionality designed to help companies who sell and service equipment, often serialized plant and equipment and hi tech equipment, to track services and spare parts under contract or on unscheduled demand basis.  DIMO extends this core functionality. DIMO is a specialised computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)