Sage X3 together with Provenio software has proven to be an ideal advanced business information system for mid-sized process manufacturers especially those operating in the following fields.

  1. Paint / Coatings / Adhesives  
  2. Flavor and Aromatics
  3. Toll Manufacturers  (Manufacturers who have little or no private label products)
  4. Nutraceuticals
  5. Janitorial/Sanitation products

The Sage X3 & Provenio software applications are helping mid-sized process manufacturers drive profits and innovation by unifying their business units on to a single business system platform.

In highly regulated industries such as chemical manufacturing Sage X3’s automation and tracking capabilities helps these companies obtain heightened value from their business information as well as helping to satisfy all regulatory compliance obligations. Integration of all business processes on a single platform and systematic management of these processes certainly de-risks chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors and removes the need for off system processes that often compromise a business’s ability to react to issues such as recalls and limits them from fully capitalizing on opportunities.

Some of the X3 product features for chemical manufacturing that CitySoft recommend inclusion of in our industry solution include:

  • Easy to create safety data sheets and packaging labels
  • Integrated formulas, BOMS and finished goods
  • Tracking of formula properties
  • Detailed batch tickets with formula’s production
  • QC as a process, not a step
  • Certificate of Analysis publication with customer shipments
  • Workflow manager supporting consistent processes
  • Inhibit rules prohibiting restricted shipments
  • On system PPE and hazard ratings for material handouts
  • A bill of lading based on GSA/US/VIC guidelines
  • Mobile sales app for order taking

With greater visibility and centralized data, ABC compounding using Sage X3 and Provenio were able to decrease orders greater than 5 days by a whopping 50%.