Empower your salespeople by supplying them with the information they need to conduct profitable business in the field. Increase your face to face sales time by providing your sales force with the tools to deliver first class sales and account management. Streamline your sales processes and reduce your sales support costs by using modern SAGE X3 technologies.

How CitySoft can help

CitySoft provides mid-sized companies with the ability to optimize all their sales activities. They provide solutions built on the powerful Sage X3 platform that empower sales people in the field while maintaining accuracy and controls over margins, customer credit and pricing, document checking, and approval processes.

How Sage X3 is transforming the sales process

Successful business leaders often attribute their success to being easy to do business with. The very best modern ERP systems, enable sales people to do business wherever their clients take them. Mobility is the key to better serving clients in the field and on mobile devices that sales people use daily, and find easy to use. Simple intuitive systems for sales staff, on the go and in the field, empowers sales people and helps increase the quality of sales visits, and increases their available customer facing sales time.

The world’s best mid-sized advanced business software system, built for the Web, and offering a sales App for mobile and remote sales people is Sage X3.

Sage X3, designed for mid-sized businesses, is a powerful Web-native software system that can be securely accessed from any mobile device with Internet access.

Sales people and account managers who need accurate data in the field can, through their phone, iPad or Android device, access sales specific data and can perform sales specific transactions. They can even process expense claims and enter time sheets without having to ever visit the office creating more time to sell. They can raise sales quotes, process sales orders, supply stock from a van, check stock on hand and stock ‘availability-to-promise.’ The Sage X3 system allows Sales staff to manage cash collections, create receipts, process credit card payments, as well as manage returns using mobile devices. Geo-tracking, proof of delivery and route optimization round out a Sage X3 solution focused on helping you cost effectively sell and supply goods to your customers.

Sage X3 apps

Sage X3 also provides you the ability to create your own company apps including for common sales activities such as expense management sales order entry, and account and item lookups. The responsive HTML 5 screens resize to your device to provide elegant easy to read, easy to use and easy to access information.

Sage Mobile Sales App

With the low cost highly targeted Sage Mobile Sales App include your sales people in your information system eco-system and help them close more business.

Use business intelligence supplied by Sage X3 to deliver superior customer experiences and to close more business. Your sales reps will have 24-months of item purchase history at their fingertips displaying your customer’s most recent purchases, the item purchase price, purchase date, and invoice number. See just your accounts, as assigned by your manager, for succinct information look up and display.

Continue to operate the Sage sales app off line in remote regions with poor Internet coverage and later synchronize via the Cloud automatically linked to your Sage X3 system.

Modernise your sales force and reap the benefits

With Sage X3, your mobile sales and service teams can become more efficient and effective, in turn reducing their reliance on back office staff. A mobile sales force is an effective sales force.

Sage X3 Equipment Card Management coupled with Sage X3 CRM functionality supports technical service staff and sales people in the field.

Access to equipment serial numbers, warranty status, service and parts sales history, helps your field services and sales staff provide the right service advice, parts and consumables and importantly ensures accurate recording of time and materials for customer billing. Purchase request parts for a job or reserve stock right from the Sage X3 App.  Run van stock and reduce paperwork with Sage X3, without reducing stock control or visibility over each field staff’s work effort.