As an advanced business software system, Sage X3 provides companies with modern technologies that support the effective management of your business processes and business data. Your enterprise can effectively capture, share and interrogate data across a wide array of business processes. Employees can focus in on critical data via tailored dashboards and reports and clever alerts, workflows and electronic approval processes will ensure timely notifications of events and actions. The fact the one Sage X3 folder contains all your legal entities and sites means simple system access and system use, and the ability to structure access rights and data views down to a granular level.

Each and every business process can be tailored to a user or group of users or made global across the enterprise so the quality of data is maintained and user attention is focused entirely upon their areas of responsibility.

Sage X3 is a development platform that uses activity codes which essentially means enterprises can create highly specialized system functions that best reflect the needs of the business without reverting to costly bespoke developments and all the issues bespoke work typically creates around the cost of maintaining and upgrading a bespoke system.

The availability of new or modifiable visual processes in Sage X3 simplifies user interaction with the system helping a business operate effectively, efficiently and productively.  New staff induction times diminish due to the simplicity provided by Sage X3 visual processes, short cuts, favourites and configurable dashboards.