BatchMaster for Process Manufacturers Food & Beverage

BatchMaster for SAP Business One is a brilliant end-to-end software solution for SMB food and beverage manufacturers. BatchMaster, built in the SAP Business One framework for a seamless user experience, adds industry leading process manufacturing functionality including MRP, MPS, QC, recipes, NIPS, yields, wastage, and by-products all the typical matters a food and beverage manufacturing needs to deal with to comply, to compete and to grow profitably.

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Warehousing, Route management, Proof of delivery & EDI for wholesalers

SAP Business One provides SMB wholesalers who have outgrown their entry-level business system a powerful yet cost effective solution that eloquently manages complex pricing, customer groups, multiple product groups and item properties over and above the typical product facts. With fast multi-select orders, pick and pack, item dimensions and weights, multiple units of measure and a host of other excellent capabilities around procurement, goods receipting, importing and CRM SAP Business One is a leading solution for SMB wholesalers.

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Produmex for discrete manufacturing

Whilst SAP Business One offers excellent lite manufacturing, recently enhanced in version 9.2 with the addition of resources, many discrete manufacturers will find the addition of Produmex manufacturing to the SAP Business One suite the tonic for best managing all their manufacturing needs. Produmex for SAP Business One includes mobile terminals for shop floor time capture, and real time inventory management, plus MRP2 & graphically rich and flexible production scheduling screens that make this solution one of the most powerful and user-friendly solutions for SMB discrete manufacturers.



BatchMaster for Process Manufacturers chemical & formulas

BatchMaster for SAP Business One provides SMB process manufacturing companies an integrated system that manages both the manufacturing and accounting implications resulting from process manufacturing including formulas and bills of materials, batches, traceability, dangerous goods handling and transport, yields and losses. 



Core systems for SAP Business One Cloud Technical Services

Core systems for SAP Business One addresses the typical challenges a business providing field level technical services then adds a host of capabilities that will improve customer service, whilst lowering your service costs. The solution consists of cloud access to equipment, service, billing, contract, and site and account information on an optimized mobile device user interface. Core systems for SAP Business One ensures field staff can provide first class service whilst capturing pertinent information including client digital signatures, verifying services provided guiding technicians through digital checklists and by sharing documents with customers, contractors and staff.



Produmex for SAP Business One - agriculture

The process of tracking which farmer, which field and which contractor delivered product; weighing & calculating tare weight and doing so quickly and easily, are major imperatives for many consolidators of primary produce. SAP Business One with Produmex provides simplified touch screen and data entry options, optionally integrated to weigh scales, for streamlined receipting of stock and for traceability purposes, often tied to supplier payments. The solution covers QC testing and ties neatly into grading systems.  Produmex for SAP Business One tracking & traceability and other food specific features make this solution ideal for SMB’s processing fruits, nuts, & vegetables.


ePage eCommerce for SAP Business One for online businesses

Together ePages from Core systems and SAP Business One form a tightly integrated solution for SMB’s wishing to sell products and services to businesses (B2B) and or to consumers (B2C) Available as either a hosted solution, or an on-site solution ePage provides companies with deep two-way integration with SAP Business One leading to streamlined sales capture and product dispatch. The solution also offers a range of connectors including Amazon, powerful payment gateways and excellent shipping connectors.


Eralis Projects and Jobs for SAP Business One

When the core SAP Business One resources, projects and jobs functionality in release 9.2 isn’t sufficient for your business needs CitySoft recommend Eralis Projects and jobs. This powerful development for SAP Business One adds depth to project and job management in SAP Business One.

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